Career Coaching

Career Coaching

My mission is to help successful professionals fulfill their aspirations, both personal and professional, through a coaching partnership that takes vision to action.

Create Your Dream Career

Consider these questions:

  • Are you happy in your current job?
  • Does your work leverage your strengths?
  • Does it align with your values and passions?
  • Are you achieving your professional and personal goals?

Many professionals have these thoughts.  They’re a way of taking stock of our accomplishments and making sure we’re on a good path.

As a career coach, I work with people in all types of professions to find or create a fulfilling work situation.

If you’re not satisfied with your current position, I can help you align your aspirations with actionable steps to move forward and create positive change.

Explore and Discover

Working with a career coach is an opportunity to grow in all areas of your life.  Together we’ll identify your strengths and talents.  We’ll explore options and discover what’s next. 

If you’ve been in one job or with one company for a long period, it can be difficult to assess what’s next.  Working with a coach is an opportunity to do some internal searching and create a strategy to successfully transition to a new position.

The goal is not to find “a” job, but to find the “right job for you” — one that meets your needs professionally, personally and financially.   

Why Hire a Career Coach

In the same spirit that top athletes consult with experts to sharpen their skills and achieve their goals, a career coach can help you make significant leaps in your profession.  

Sometimes in our career, we’re unsure about the path forward.  We’re ready for a change, but not sure what to do or where to start.  That’s where coaching comes in.  It can benefit:

  • Executives seeking career growth
  • Professionals who want a new job or different career
  • Individuals who need a better work/life balance
  • Recent graduates/MBAs navigating life after college
  • Anyone who lacks clarity about his or her life’s purpose

We’ll determine what steps to take for you to reach your fullest potential and build a foundation for your long-term success.

Creating the Tools

In seeking a new position, you’ll need to have the right professional documents.  Together we’ll work on creating an effective resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters that grab the attention of potential employers. 

We’ll also build the necessary job search skills – networking, interviewing and negotiating – so you can approach each situation with confidence.

The Power of Accountability

Career coaching is not just about dreaming; it’s about doing.  One of the primary reasons to work with a coach is to create accountability and achieve results.

Every meeting will include a discussion of specific action items, all designed to help you make significant positive changes in your life.

Be Extraordinary

No investment is more important than the one you make in yourself.  The right one-on-one coaching can be the difference between a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and an exceptional, rewarding career that has you looking forward to Monday mornings.

The coaching relationship will give you the clarity and confidence to make changes that improve your life. With encouragement and accountability, anything is possible! 

Let’s Talk

If you think coaching could be right for you, let’s chat.  I’ll answer all your questions and explain how the process works in a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation. 

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