My Story - Sindy Cassidy

Sindy CassidySindy after completing the Chicago Marathon 2015

My Story

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao-Tzu

In 2012 I found myself standing at the threshold of my next stage of life.  I’d spent two decades working for Fortune 500 companies in sales, business development, and executive positions. I loved my work, but it had always been balanced with the responsibilities of being a parent.  Now that was all about to change. My youngest daughter would soon be off to college.  I began to think about what was next for me. 

An Optimistic Outlook

I made a conscious effort to approach my changing life situation with optimism and positive energy, just as I’d handled every other stage up until this one. I decided I would fill my new-found free time by achieving one personal and one professional goal.  After much thought and research, I made my choices. Although I’d never been a runner, I picked running a long-distance race as my personal goal.

For my professional goal I chose to embark on an intensive 9-month, 350-hour, advanced coach training program. Both goals would take me well outside my comfort zone and require a significant commitment of time and hard work.  Perfect!

Accomplishing My Goals

It wasn’t long before I realized I might have been overly ambitious in my choice of goals. Many late nights spent on classwork and studying were followed by 5:00 am morning runs with my new-found training group.  Both experiences provided a great opportunity to grow, learn, meet new people, and step outside my comfort zone.   

A few months after my daughter went off to college, I ran my first half-marathon.  The feeling of accomplishment was empowering.  It spurred me on to aim higher.  I’ve since run three full marathons and numerous half-marathons in between. 

The intensive coaching program I completed gave me tremendous insights that I could use to help my clients and re-ignited my love for the coaching profession. Achieving those goals made me believe I could accomplish anything I wanted.  And it’s that sense of empowerment that I seek to encourage in my coaching clients as well. 

I Want to Help You

What are your dreams, your aspirations in life?  What makes you happy?  What’s holding you back, keeping you from moving forward in a positive way? I’ll help you peel back the layers to discover what you most want to do.  We’ll sift through your ideas and explore ways to build a life around your passions. I’m here to partner with you in creating that vision and developing a practical, actionable plan to make it your reality. 

Take that First Step

A career, like a marathon, requires hard work and steadfast focus.  You are stronger than you think.  With the right support, you can accomplish your goals and enjoy the journey along the way. A marathon is run one step at a time.  I offer a brief, initial consultation by phone.  No fee, no obligation. Take that first step and contact me today to discuss all the exciting possibilities.

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